Rye Rugby Club

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Player Code of Conduct/Parental Release

Please note registration for High School teams is limited to current students of Rye High School. For youth program, participants residing outside of Rye are limited to 5% of total registrants.

The following statements are shown during the registration process and are reproduced here for ease of reference:


As part of your commitment to the Rye Youth Rugby and Rye Rugby Club Program and the sport of Rugby Union, you as a club member are expected to conduct yourself in such a manner that reflects positively on the ideals and sportsmanship values of our programs; honesty, integrity, honor, team spirit, courage, sportsmanship, and friendship. You agree to demonstrate respect for self, coaches, players and all other participants at all times. You will adhere to the rules and regulations that universally govern NY State High School sports activities. Any infractions of such conduct and rules will be reviewed and acted upon by the coaches on a case ¬by¬ case basis and could warrant dismissal from the program.

I, the parent or guardian of the player named in this registration process,  understand that participation in the activities of the Rye Youth Rugby and Rye Rugby Club Program requires good health and fitness and can be hazardous and present a danger to the participant, including risks of serious bodily injury, paralysis and death. Participant and Parent or Guardian believe the Participant is qualified to participate in these activities, and if at any time the Participant, Parent or Guardian believe conditions to be unsafe, he/she will immediately discontinue further participation in the activities. I consent to participation in the activities and fully accept and assume all such risks and all responsibility for losses, costs, and damages incurred as a result of such participation.

I, the parent or guardian of the player named in this registration process, do hereby give my permission in my absence for any necessary emergency medical treatment to be administered by a licensed physician. I also grant permission for him/her to participate in rugby.  In consideration of this opportunity afforded him/her, I do hereby release from all actions, causes of action, damages, claims or demands, in law or in equity, of every kind and character I may now or hereafter have against USA Rugby, the New York State Based Rugby Organization, Rye Youth Rugby Inc. and its members, Rye Rugby Club and its members, and assume all such risks and hazards incidental to participation. Additionally, I acknowledge that I have a medical insurance policy in my name and such insurance be my primary source of payment should medical treatment be necessary as a result of his/her participation in this activity.

By check marking below, the parent and player acknowledge the above paragraphs and the consequences